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This is one of the coolest weddings I've ever seen! I especially love her take on the Western theme. I'm sure it fit right in with Austin's unique vibe. Great post!


Her dress was gorgeous!! Photos were beautiful.

jennifer nichols

This was definitely one of our all-time favorite weddings to document, for obvious reasons. Thanks so much for featuring Amy!


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Ann jones

It's so much fun to get these personal wedding correspondences!


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Yet another vote for dinner at Dad's. The trade-off benefit for you could not only be more "quality" time at the end of the day, but have breakfast with them, which will be easier to pull off if they are not dragged out of bed in the morning. So if they go to bed earlier, they wake earlier. My husband often misses dinner during the week, but he eats breakfast with the kids 95% of the time and it's a great experience for the family.

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